Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Workout

I think I've accepted the fact that I am not a person who "loves working out".

Some people get a renewed sense of vigor and accomplishment each time they work out. They can't wait for the next time, and they push themselves harder with each successive session. Those are the folks you see at the gym who are sweating profusely, wiping neck and forehead with a hand towel, and when you sneak a glance at the monitor on their treadmill, you see they have clocked ninety minutes, and the calorie-count monitor reads "785"... and they have the look that says, "I could do this alllll day."

The only feeling I find when I work out is "When will I be done... when will I be done... when will I be done..."

I've given up going to the gym.

I tried it for awhile-- off and on for two years-- and I figure I've donated more money to the gym than I've spent actually working out. L.A. Fitness does not need my donations.

If I am going to work out, it needs to be readily accessible. In my own home or my own neighborhood. It's really nice going walking and jogging with my husband. It almost doesn't seem like a workout that way (well, walking never feels like a workout) because we get to talk. With his insane work and school schedule, anything feels like a date-- even a jog around the block.

But we can't even do that very often, so my workout of choice is:
Yep, gliding discs. It looks like I've been scammed by an informercial or an "As Seen on TV" special, but I'm not kidding you, they work. In fact, if you Google "Gliding Discs", you'll get more hits claiming how bogus the product is, but here's the thing: Those people haven't tried it! #1, the discs do glide; #2, the discs do not magically glide on their own; #3, after doing the workout for several months now, I have muscles in my legs I didn't know were there!

This is about as accessible as you get. Me, living room, TV, and discs. Why don't I do it every day?? Probably because there is something in me that just. doesn't. like. working. out.

This story doesn't really have an end. Why should I work out if I seem to possess an inherent dislike of the activity? Well, cheesy as it might sound, my mom motivates me and she probably doesn't even know it. Ever since I can remember, she has made it a priority. Starting when I was fourteen, she took me running with her for two miles every other day, when the sun was out and when the Seattle sky was doing what it usually does: rain. She gave birth to five children and she's still in great shape! She still works out every day! That's what I want to be like "when I grow up", and I want my kids to be able to say the same.

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  1. very convicting, your post. your mom is an inspiration to me too. i havent worked out since we left and i miss it so much. i cant wait to get home and exercise again.