Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Calendars, Part 6 {final set}

And now... the fun, the cute, the interesting, the unique calendars.

2011 Bunny Calendar, from The Paper Thieves

2011 Critter Calendar, from Night Owl Paper Goods

For the hipster: 2011 Printable Calendar, Mid-Century Chairs, from Blue Tricycle

2011 Letterpress Coaster Calendar, from Meadowlark Creative

2011 Calendar Plate, from Le Papier Studio

2011 Adventures Calendar, from Sadly Harmless

Harbor Scene 2011 Tear-Away Calendar, from YeeHaw

Have you seen this last one around lately? It seems to be gaining popularity, and I believe Urban Outfitters has carried it in previous years. I can't say I would hang it in my home, but I like it just the same!

Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, available at Kitson

That's all the calendars for this year! Hopefully you now have a wide enough array of choices so as to choose the ones you would like to hang in your home.

Happy New Year!


1 comment:

  1. Coaster calenders! What a fun idea.
    I think my favorite though was the one by Michelle Brusegaard in a previous post.