Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Calendars, Part 1

Why buy a generic calendar from a well-known bookstore, when you could support an independent artist in the handmade community?

I don't think I have an answer.

Especially in light of these beauties!

In fact, there are so many lovely calendars out there, that I must divide this post into sections! Hence, this is the 2011 Calendars post, Part 1. My favorite part about buying a calendar from a favorite artist is not only that I get twelve months of gorgeous prints hanging on my wall, but that when the year is over, I can cut off the calendar parts and frame the prints! Need I say more? On to the calendars!

1. 2011 Calendar, Woodland Edition with Case, from Paper Sparrow
2. 2011 Modern Design Calendar, from Lisa Samartino Atelier
3. Stelie Designs 2011 Desk Calendar, from Stelie Designs
4. 2011 CD Case Desk Calendar, from Alex Wijnen
5. 2011 Letterpress Calendar, from Paisley Tree Press
6. 2011 Eclectic Desk Calendar, from J Press Designs
7. Desktop Nature Calendar 2011, from Siska Studio
8. 2011 Hanging Wall Calendar, from Rethink Ink

If I had to choose a favorite from this batch, I would choose Alex Wijnen's CD Case Desk Calendar. I love every print, but especially January's print and November's print.

Which would you choose? Which would you gift to a friend?

Calendars Part 2 coming soon...


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