Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Calendars, Part 2 {floral and nature}

Today's roundup of calendars features calendars in the floral/nature genre.

Many pretty choices exist within the floral and nature genre, so I tried to gather several lovely pieces for you. Perhaps one would be just right for your walls? How about a gift for a good friend?


1. 2011 Letterpress Wall Calendar, from Albertine Press
2. 2011 Calendar with Botanical Designs, from Sweet Life Paper
3. Floral 2011 Desk Calendar, from J Press Designs
4. 2011 Evolution of a Tree Calendar, from theRasilik
5. Anek Calendar, from Anek
6. 2011 Calendar, from Laura Macchia
7. 2011 Signature Desk Calendar, from Pink Lily Press

If I had to choose a favorite out of this batch? Laura Macchia's 2011 Calendar. I like the bold designs and the simplicity in the one-color prints.

Do you have a favorite of these?

Calendar group number three is on its way!


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