Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sticky Notes

I've been feeling somewhat uninspired this week when it comes to blog posts, so I'll let my students be the inspiration.

Fourth grade is pretty much the first year when sticky notes become a legitimate school supply, and during the first half of the year, I find various sticky notes around the classroom on which students have written themselves notes, written each other notes, or just entertained themselves.

We use sticky notes frequently-- to take notes in textbooks, to jot down vocabulary words, or other scholastic purposes. Some students write notes to themselves like this:

"Tell Mom about feild trip so she can go get perrmission slip in Friday write neat"

Aside from the grammar and spelling issues, this is a legitimate use of a sticky note.

But now to the main point of this post. The weird and funny sticky notes. Take this one:

"My mom will watch you. Got MILK?"
I have no idea what that one means.

How about a riddle?

"You will find me where the little kids play, all day! I'm big and tall with leaves. good Luck"

This next one might be my favorite. If you wanted to find a diamond, which strategy would you use?

"find diamond at volcano or dig hard or go to South Africa find diamond"

And last but not least, this one isn't a sticky note, but students often draw pictures of their teachers, and my students are no exception. We'll round this post off with a portrait of Mrs. Hildebrand, drawn by one of my boys.

How about those pigtails?



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  1. Wow these were so great! I love it!!