Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretend Shopping {dresses}

It feels like spring here in L.A., but I know (due to my nerdy habit of adding weather forecasts of random towns and cities all over the world to my phone, and then checking them frequently throughout the day) that most of the rest of the country is still buried in sub-zero temperatures. (Not to mention the town of Barrow, Alaska, which had a record low temperature of negative 48 degrees the other night, and with the wind chill, it was negative 69. Thanks phone!)

So it feels like spring in southern California, and it will soon be spring in the rest of the world, so let's go pretend dress shopping.

Sunflower Dress from Shuga Rose

Eve Dress from Three Little Ducks

Floral Blossom Dress in blue, from My Lola Fashion

Katharina Dress in Venice Blue, from Lirola

Dress from Anaya... it's a custom listing, but oh so pretty!

Love Me Knot Dress, from MQuin

Floral Wing Sleeves Dress, from Very Purple Person
Not to mention I love those green tights! Sadly mine got a run in them, and I can't find the same color anywhere.

Vintage 1950's Peachy Eyelet Lace Dress, from Coldfish
 Etsy seller Coldfish has one of the best collections of vintage women's clothing that I have yet seen on Etsy. Vintage shop owners have a challenge to maintain a carefully curated selection, while at the same time provide enough of a selection to draw shoppers in. Coldfish does this well.

I'm saving my favorite dress for last.

I love this one. I like the mix between structured and ruffly-flowy, and I think the print of the fabric is wonderful. Besides that, the dress comes with the pretty yellow sash. (It bothers me when clothing sellers display their items with sashes and such that do not come with the original purchase. I mean, I know that they're trying to create a look, but it's a bummer when you find out that in order to achieve that look, you have to spend extra money). And, this dress is custom made to your measurements. Someday, my shopping will not be pretend!

Custom Purple Floral Spring to Fall Dress, from Elisha Sewell
 What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Are spring dresses even an option right now? As for me, I'd still be happy if winter came back to L.A.!



  1. So you like retro styles, huh? So do I! (but more 50s and 70s)

    I live in Hawaii, so our weather was almost too hot to wear jeans this morning! But fortunately it cooled down a bit by the walk home. Typically it is hard to predict the day's weather in the morning in Winter. Sometimes it seems like it will be cold but turns out hot, or like it will be warm but breaks out into all day rain!

    Oh, and this is theladyashuko from swap-bot btw f(^_^;)

  2. I think I like the Love Me Knot Dress the most. Although I doubt I could pull it off. Le sigh, it's still colder than ever here in the big O-hi-o


  3. Just this week I'm officially ready for spring. It clicked on like a switch, all of a sudden. I'm ready for dresses and open toes. I'm most ready for sunshine on my bare arms. Alas, it'll be a while before those days come and the chill, gray, and rain are replaced by sunshine here in Oregon.

    kate (from swap-bot)

  4. I love your blog! The layout/theme is clean and bright. The pictures you post are super pretty. Love the girl with the balloons. Definitely will follow long term. Check out my for4days blog. Peace.

    (eveyinorbit at swapbot)

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! It is just happy :)!

    And I am in love with these dresses! Makes me excited for when the snow all melts and I can get the sandals out again!

    Amelia (frecklessobe on swap-bot)

  6. Hi Im your newest follower!bugsandbells from swap-bot.Love the blog!