Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paper Noodle

Little Red Riding Hood

Today's post features the art work of Cheong-ah Hwang of Paper Noodle. She was raised in Korea by parents who owned a printing business, so she was surrounded by all kinds of paper at an early age. Cheong-ah Hwang began creating paper sculptures midway through art school in the early 2000's.

Many of the items in her online shop are photos taken of her paper sculptures, so they are quite affordable. The original sculptures, however, are quite expensive, but for a good reason. I can't imagine the amount of time that goes into each sculpture! In fact, on her Flickr site, she has posted a "making of" series that gives a bit of insight as to the intricate detail of each part of a sculpture. Here's one of the images she posted:

Can you imagine!

And here's the final product of the above series:

Alice Meets Caterpillar

Here's an original sculpture. The detail in the feathers is amazing!


Check out her Etsy shop, her personal site, or her Flickr stream for more images of this amazing art form!


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