Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lost & Found

Sam escaped from her cage last night.

I came home from the rehearsal dinner/wedding I had been at from Friday night til Saturday night (and Adam is out of town), and of course the first thing I checked on was Sam. And Sam wasn't there. She must have crawled out of the hole that I can barely stick my pinkie finger into. I really don't know how she did it, but there's no denying that she did.

So I started turning our apartment upside-down, kinda scared that a lizard would come leaping out at me (Sam's a little feisty), but there was nothing to be found. My old roommates, Emily and Loriel, who live five minutes away, offered to come over and help me look for Sam, but still, to no avail. I mean, I even emptied out our laundry hamper. We took everything out of the closet. We flipped over the couch. Every corner and cranny of the apartment. No lizard.

We were about to give up, until I realized the only place we hadn't looked was under the power strip behind the TV. We had rustled all of the cords back there, but we hadn't officially turned over the power strip. I wasn't expecting to find anything, so when Sam, who was indeed under the power strip, wiggled and started to run, I yelled "LIZARD!"

Loriel and Emily blocked Sam in with pillows and couch cushions while I got a tupperware bin. Loriel used one of my gliding discs to scoop Sam in (which was somewhat anti-climactic because she practically walked straight into her new cage).

So Sam is safe, I am safe, and no lizards crawled on me while I was sleeping last night.

Sam's new cage.


  1. And That is why I will never own a reptile!

  2. That was a close call! Were you and your friends freaking out when she was out and about in your place? I'm so glad Sam is back and I love her new cage.

    ~Josiah Patton