Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Art, round 2

After a brief spike in temperature back up to the 80's the past few days, it's once again breezy, cool, and today, there are big puffy clouds in the sky. Perfect fall day!

And it's a prefect day for a second round-up of lovely fall prints.


1. Mushrooms, by Geninne
2. Bouquet, also by Geninne
3. Forest, by Matte Stephens
4. Orange Ride, by Bucks County Frames
5. Log No. 30, by Golly Bard
6. Squirrel Sequesters an Acorn, by Cheeky Blue Jay
7. Orange Joy, by Sarah Moldovan
8. Autumn's Alchemy, by Irene Suchocki
9. Cooper's Hawk Feather, by Jody VanB
10. The First Day, by Bucks County Frames

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