Sunday, September 5, 2010

Plate Wall

Some time ago, I was inspired by Lisa Congdon's plate wall, and decided that I would tackle the project of compiling my own plate wall.

Lisa's plate wall:

I love it! Of course, I want a cat too, but that will have to wait.

So I determined to do my plate wall [mostly] the hard way: Hunting thrift stores. No e-bay, no Etsy. However, I do drool over Anthropologie's dinner plate collection, and for my last birthday, Adam and his mom gave me three Anthropologie plates, so those are a completely unashamed part of my collection.

Oh, and the new Anthropologie catalog came in the mail this week.... looove.

Ok now we're getting distracted like my fourth graders. Back to the plate wall.

Lisa's kitchen is much larger than mine, so the good news is that I need less plates.

Here's the blank wall:

And here is the plate progress so far:

I think I need a couple of small, solid-colored plates, like that cute yellow one. What do you think? I don't want it to look too crazy with too many colors and patterns.


  1. Great finds! Julie and I like the plate wall idea lots, be sure to keep us updated!

  2. this is SO COOL! I used to have a great colelction that i used to eat off of-this is even more fun! Isn't the thrift store hunt the BEST time? thanks for sharing! :)