Friday, July 29, 2011

Road Trip Days 3 & 4: Utah and Wyoming

I haven't posted many more pictures of our road trip lately, mostly because all the photos are on Adam's hard drives, which he uses pretty much every day for the video projects he is working on. It is WONDERFUL that he has so much work right now because he won't be able to work very much while he is student teaching this fall and winter. But that's my excuse for not documenting our trip for the past few weeks :)

I wasn't expecting much from Utah; I thought it would be dry and flat, but it was anything but that! In fact, when we drove out of Arizona (that was the drive that somehow I thought would take two hours, but when we were leaving the Grand Canyon and I plugged the address of our cabin in southern Utah into the GPS, it pulled up a whopping five and a half hours, and that it really how much time it took, so needless to say, we arrived in southern Utah very late), it was pitch dark by the time we were actually driving through Utah to our cabin for the night, and when we woke up in the morning and it was light out, we saw there was snow all around!

There was so much snow that we experienced a minor change of plans about five miles down the road:

That's where our map told us to go, and there was not even enough cell service for the GPS to pull up an alternate route for us, so we just decided to wing it and keep driving down the only available road! We did arrive safely, and there was some beautiful scenery along the way!

We made it to northern Utah where we met Aaron and Amy (Aaron is Adam's brother). They had been having a much-needed vacation there for about a week, and we did the rest of our trip with them. 4,000 miles with four people in a five-person car! (And there were no arguments, disagreements, or irritable moments the entire trip!).

We drove/hiked to the top of a mountain:

(You can't tell, but it was really cold up there-- in June!)

The next day, we drove through Wyoming.

I can't say much about Wyoming. There wasn't much to see. It was brown, flat, and it seemed never-ending.

The bright spot of Wyoming was the tiny town we stayed in-- Hulett, population 500. The very best part was that we happened to be there on the day of their 72nd annual rodeo and parade. Sadly, we didn't get to see the rodeo, but the parade was ultimate small-town goodness. The whole town was either in the parade or watching the parade.

After the parade, we had some tasty home-cookin from a diner on main street.

by Amy

by Amy

After breakfast we headed over to Devil's Tower, just about twenty minutes out of town.

We saw a huge snake. It was probably five feet long. I thought it was cool.

by Amy

And from there, we drove east into South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. A post for another day!


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  1. Thanks for posting more photos! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Did you stop by Yellowstone at all?