Monday, April 18, 2011

I Love Spring Break

Well, specifically I love staying home for spring break!

It's been over a year (not counting last summer) that we/I have not gone anywhere or done anything during a school break, and I love staying home!

Projects for this week:
The CDs
  • Go through every cupboard and closet in our apartment and get rid of everything we haven't used in the last year (or haven't used since getting married!) so we have less stuff to take with us on our move to Ohio... which is only seven weeks away!
  • Attack Adam's collection of CDs. He has agreed to save only a few of the cases (special-edition albums, multi-disc collections, etc.), let me put the rest of the CDs into one carrying-case, and throw away the rest of the plastic cases! Less stuff to pack! (And this means that the shelves aren't coming with us either! Anyone want them?)
  • Research how to plant and grow a vegetable garden successfully. Adam's mom has a perfect garden plot in her backyard, and since we will be living there at the house for most of the summer, she said I am more than welcome to plant some vegetables out there! However, I've never managed a garden before, so this will take some research. Send your tips and links my way!
  • Start registering for baby stuff! Ok, I know it seems a little early, but Clarissa, a friend who also happens to be a friend from work, is planning a school baby shower in just a month from now. So you mean I have to register for baby stuff? Ok! No prodding needed!

I also get to see my bébé on the ultrasound tomorrow... yay! Last time, he/she just looked like a little blob. I suppose this time I might see something more like a little gummy bear or gingerbread man. :) 

Time to go start accomplishing things!



  1. aaaaahhh! I cant' wait to see pictures- even is the babe is still just a blob! you better post some tomorrow!

  2. I thought Sebastian looked like a Teddy Graham on his u/s. It made me briefly consider the name "Graham." Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Hooraay Hooraay!! I can't wait!! This is so exciting.