Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elizabethan Evening

I'm going to use my sewing skills in a way I never thought they would be used before!

I'm going to create a Renaissance outfit. Ha! I know, it sounds so nerdy. It kind of is though! It's actually for a school event-- in a week-and-a-half or so, my school's annual "Festival of the Arts" is happening, and this year, it's something completely different (in the past it's been more like an art show)-- it's an "Elizabethan Evening". Think Shakespeare and stuff like that.

The elementary classrooms are each going to run a booth in the "peasant marketplace", and the junior highers are going to perform Shakespeare one-acts and monologues and that sort of thing. Fourth grade is doing a wool booth. You might be wondering what in the world we will sell at a wool booth, and my answer is FELT! Felt is made from wool, right? (Except we're using eco-felt... not really wool, I know, but... it was the most budget-friendly plan). I taught my fourth graders how to use a needle and thread, how to tie a knot at the end of the thread (that was the most challenging part for most of them), how to sew two basic types of stitches, how to keep your thread from unraveling when you're done sewing, and how to sew on a button. I was so proud of them for sticking to it until they got it! It was the quietest classroom you've ever heard for two hours straight. Even the boys (who weren't very excited about the project in the first place) were into it. Once we're done with all the items, I'll post a picture of everything they've made. Our goal is 75-100 items!

But back to the Renaissance peasant outfit. We have to be in costume for this Elizabethan Evening, so I went thrift store hunting for some clothing items that had potential, and I think I found a workable ensemble.

First of all, here's an image of a basic peasant outfit:

image credit

Here is what I picked up at the thrift store:

The skirt is perfect as-is, unless I actually start looking pregnant in the next ten days. The brown top is going to become a vest-like item, and the white shirt is about three sizes too large, which is good because I have more room to work with in modifying it. The collar is coming off, and the sleeves will hopefully be more "billowy" when I'm done. This is definitely my nerdiest project yet!

Sun Thrift is one of my favorite thrift stores, and I picked up some more plates for my plate wall while I was there!

I can't wait to actually put my plates onto the wall, but not while we're only living in California for less than two more months.

Last but not least, I mentioned earlier this week that I would post a picture of the baby after my appointment yesterday, but there was no ultrasound. I did get to hear a very cute heartbeat though. I'm so excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl!


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