Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coin Purses and Clutches

There are so many talented artists and crafters out there on Etsy, and I love to showcase handmade goods whenever I can!

I've been noticing cute clutches and coin purses here and there, so I started bookmarking them so I could do a round-up of my favorites once I had a dozen or so. Buying handmade is always an excellent option when you're trying to find a gift for someone, so maybe you'll see something here that makes you think of someone you know, and you can add a little handmade love to their life.

1. Retro Mod Flower Coin Purse, from oktak
2. The Petal Coin Purse in Army Green, from Definition of Self
3. Happy Blooms Fifi Clutch, from Bagatelles and Co.
4. Medium Clutch Purse, from Kimberly Jones Designs
5. Colorful Leaves, from FA2u
6. Big Flower, from FA2u
7. Wristlet, Pleated Gray Wool, from East Ashley
8. Quilted Clutch, from Rachel Whelton (this one's a real bargain: only $9.00!)
9. Clutch Zipper Purse, from Atomique47
10. Business Sortie Brown Clutch, from Yellow Wallpaper
11. Romantic Rose Pleats in Brown, from Lolos
12. Vanilla and Cream Check Clutch, from Kelly's Keepsakes

Any favorites there? Do you like the more classic styles, like number 2 and number 7, or do you like something with more pizzazz to it, like numbers 1 and 3, or do you prefer something with a pretty feminine embellishment, like numbers 11 and 12?