Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Girl!

I haven't blogged much lately, mostly because life is a little crazy right now. For example, here's one corner of our living room:

We're moving in five days! Five! It's coming up so fast, and school is out on Friday. Wooo!

But what I really wanted to show you are the pictures of our baby girl that were taken at our ultrasound appointment today!

There she is at 19 weeks, or technically, 18 1/2. I can feel her kicking all the time now, and Adam even felt one big kick last night with his hand on my belly! 

People have some favorite things they like to tell me, though. 

"You totally don't look pregnant at all!!"

"You're how far along? You don't even look pregnant!"

"I was bigger than you when I was 6 weeks!" 

"You're pregnant? I can't even tell!" 

I suppose those are good things to hear, but I do hear them several times every day. 

Here's a little timeline for you. (As you can see, we got a little more creative at 13 weeks).

Seven weeks

Thirteen weeks... a tiny tiny bump?

Seventeen weeks... People still can't tell, but I sure can!

Mayyyybe we'll snap one more shot before we leave town, but the way things are going, the next picture will probably be at the end of June, when we arrive in Cincinnati. By then, there should be some big changes! 

Our move consists of a two-week road trip across the country with Adam's brother Aaron and our sister-in-law Amy. They're in the mountains of Utah right now, and we're going to meet up with them next week, after we stop at the Grand Canyon! Then we'll head east, making stops at places like Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, our good friends Julie and Spencer in Omaha, the Munger Moss Motel, and New Orleans.

Life is going to change a lot in the next five months!



  1. You totally look preggers girl.

    It's a cute little bump, with a cute little girl inside!!!!

  2. Looks like that little girl is hugging you close! My friend just had a baby and she didn't pop out very much until the last couple months, and even then you could tell the baby was trying to stay as close to momma as possible.
    And girls are so fun! I was a little nervous at first when I heard we were having a girl, but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

  3. Oh, nice! I can sense your excitement towards your pregnancy. How sweet! :) Anyhow, I know that moving in could be really stressful, especially when you have other things need to prioritize such as in your case. Well, the first picture suggests that the moving process wasn’t that nerve-racking because all your things were nicely packed.