Sunday, November 7, 2010

Isabelle Abramson

We all know we can't afford a $475.00 decorative bowl.

However, we can admire and sigh at the loveliness of Isabelle Abramson's hand-crafted porcelain works. She lives in Boston, works as a nurse by day, and teaches herself porcelain crafting by night. She makes each piece individually with her own hands, and some are even gilded with gold, silver, or platinum. I personally prefer her pure-white pieces most, though. Take a look.

Hand-Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl

Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl

Small Lace Bowl

Berry Bowl with Scalloped Edges

Small vase with white flowers

Set of porcelain votive holders

Small porcelain lace bowl with platinum

For more of her work, take a look at her website, Isabelle Abramson Ceramics.


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